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Tan Eraser - Tan Removal Mitt

Tan Eraser Mitt

If you've ever wondered how to remove fake tan easily, the Tan Eraser exfoliating tan removal mitt is the perfect solution.

Exfoliating with Tan Eraser leaves your skin beautifully soft and prepares it perfectly for your next spray tan application resulting in a more even and longer lasting spray tan.

Use the pink side for light exfoliation and the black side for those more stubborn areas like the elbows and ankles.

Our mitt is perfect for tan removal and works with both self tan and professional spray tanning products.

  • For easy fake tan removal and pre tan preparation
  • No additional products required
  • Works with self tan and professional spray tanning products
  • Reusable and machine washable
  • 30 day money back guarantee

EAN: 0711091997154
UPC: 711091997154

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UK - £2.95 per order (1-3 working days after dispatch)
Europe - £4.95 per order (5-10 working days after dispatch)

Special Offer - 2 Mitts for £10

£6.00 GBP

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Customer Reviews

Based on 423 reviews
Mitt and mouse

First I used the mitt alone and it was ok but only slightly better than a normal exfoliating cloth I use, but then the next time I used it, I applied the mouse and left it for 5-10mins before using the mitt and OMG it was amazing the tan literally came straight off and I had 16% sienna x on that was 5days old and not even a bit patchy before removing (maybe that’s why the mitt didn’t work as well alone as I never leave my tan on for more than 4-5days) , I would definitely recommend buying both products I have never ever had my tan come off so easy in one go, with no redness or soreness afterwards , also it was approximately 15mins to do my whole body which is just amazing and it was fast delivery will be stocking up on both products

It definitely does what it says on the tin

Definitely removes any tan I have very dry skin so I had to do lots and lots of scrubbing but definitely the best tan remover ever




Rub gently if you have sensitive skin.


Prompt delivery, does exactly what it says on the tin!! Removes unwanted streaks and leaves skin prepped for new application. Very happy customer.

Absolute Game Changer

This mitt is straight out of Harry Potter, pure witchcraft and wizardry.. can’t recommend highly enough.. gave me a few hours of my life back!!


I don’t ever do reviews, in fact this is the 1st I’ve ever done but I felt it had too be done as this very much deserves one. Today I received my Tan Eraser which was delivered really quick after ordering. I have used various tan removers before, i.e exfoliating gloves, tan removal foams, baby name it I’ve tried it. This mit has flabbergasted me lol, I was so shocked at how well it worked I even called my boyfriend into the bathroom to have a look lol. The tan eraser literally removed my tan effortlessly, with no irritation too my skin whatsoever. It came off in brown balls of dead skin and left my skin feeling so soft and ready for my next tan application. I can not express how much I love this product and at such a resonable price of just £6 defiantly recommend this and I have already had a couple of friends buy one of them off the back of my review in our group chat!! Fab fab fab absolutely love!!!


I don't normal review things because who has the time, but I have made time to review this mitt. Plusbeing a product of the 90s in usually indifferent to most things. I used to use a scrub and had to stop because it had those nasty little beads in that build up in fishes bellies and kill them. Since then I have not been able to find an eco friendly alternative, salt scrubs are too harsh, sugar scrubs are just useless. So after talking with a friend friend about the first world problem that is exfoliating and tan removal this little beauty popped up in an ad and for £6 I thought I might give it a try not holding too much hope. It came pretty promptly but my tan had already faded anyway. When I opened it, it was a much thinner material than I though and again my dreams and hopes of smooth faded. But it was here now so I might aswell give it a bash.
I got in the shower and gave the water a few minutes to cover me as reccommended hen I began to use it. Oh my wow! I could physically see the dead skin and remains of my false tan washing away down my plug hole! Amazing! After towel drying my legs there were no unsightly flake white bits left behind, beautiful! My skin feels buttery smooth and my legs gave that just shaven feel. I am so happy I have told 3 people already, I love it. I just hope it isn't that first kiss kind of feeling that disappears after the first few times because right now I am in love!!

Best Tan Removal

Ok, so as a serial Tanner, I have tried everything to get tan off. Granted, this is probably the best product I’ve ever used, however the tan doesn’t come off half as easy as everyone has said, or as easy as the video on Facebook. I still spend around an hour in the shower and scrub till my skin is red raw. I can only seem to get the tan off with the black side which it’s said should be used mainly for stubborn areas. Don’t get me wrong, I still use it and have done for a few months now (I didn’t want to write a review based on two uses). Only other criticism is the fact that my mitt ended up with a hole in after a few uses, presumably from scrubbing so hard.


Tan Eraser - Tan Removal Mitt